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An Agent Matching Service Made For You

May 04, 20233 min read
an aerial view of homes and real estate somewhere in the United States

Most agent matching services are created for high-volume lead generation. They are built with speed in mind. They build a database of "top" agents all around the country and when your request comes in, they send a match back to you almost instantly. The problem is that they define what a "top" agent is, not you. And that definition is often clouded by conflicts of interest and previous agreements and arrangements. Many services focus simply on creating the biggest network of connected agents so they can make a quick match with any buyer or seller. For them, it's a numbers game.

Our RepRelocation service is nothing like any of the others. It was created with your best experience and outcome in mind. Our recommendations don't come instantly. Our service costs money. Agents can't "join" our service to be added to our database. We have no obligation to send leads to any agent.

As veterans in the business, we have our own minimum criteria we start with when looking for agents. We look for agents with at least 5-10 years of experience in real estate. We look for things like advanced education, designations, training and certifications that tell us the agent is dedicated to being the best they can at client representation and negotiations. We look for specialties and skills that match your needs and goals. And we always look for agents that live and work in the area you are moving from or to. We've already gone far beyond what most of the other agent finding services do, and with RepRelocation, it's just the beginning.

We let you define what the "best agent" means and then we research, and screen, and contact, and screen again, until we find that agent, anywhere in the country. Our licensed agents look for the best agent to meet your real estate needs, every time.

We are a low-volume/high-quality service. We can't handle 100 requests per day because our matching isn't automated. We don't send you stored information from a database.

Our goal is to help 1000 relocating buyers and sellers per year. About 3 per day. And if we help just 1 person find the best agent every day, that's still success for us.

We aren't trying to disrupt the industry. We just want to help people who really want to find the best agent. People moving to a new area where they don't have a real estate agent connection and who can't afford to take a chance on working with the first agent they talk to like most buyers and sellers do. We want to make sure the first agent you talk to is one of the best!

Give us a try. We'll treat you just as if you were one of our own past clients moving to a new area. We want to make sure you find a great agent to help you with your home search or sale. An agent with your best interest in mind and with the skills and experience to help you have the best relocation!

Learn more about RepRelocation, or get started right now by choosing one of the following options:

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RepRelocation makes finding the best experienced, knowledgeable real estate agents easy. Just tell us your needs and we will find, research, and screen the best real estate agents for you.

Better Representation = A Better Relocation

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RepRelocation is a service of Homebuyer Representation, Inc. a licensed Utah real estate brokerage

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RepRelocation - An Agent Finding Service of Homebuyer Representation, Inc. a licensed Utah Real Estate Brokerage

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