Common Questions:

What are the benefits to having professional representation?

An experienced professional with your best interest in mind can help you navigate your relocation real estate transaction with confidence. They have situational knowledge about the intricacies of real estate contracts and transactions, an awareness of current market trends and conditions, and specialized training to help increase your profits (or savings), lower your stress level, and guide you through a smoother transaction. With top-tier professional assistance, you can enjoy peace of mind as you focus on other aspects of your relocation such as work, family life, etc.

How do you find the agents you recommend?

The best real estate agents are highly educated, hold various specialty credentials, and are members of real estate councils and in-industry organizations. To join and qualify for continued inclusion in these networks, agents often have to meet experience and production minimums, take advanced courses on client representation and, often, take continuing education classes on specialty topics and pay annual dues to the associations or institutions. The fact that they have to have years of experience and education, and that dues for some of the designations or memberships can be expensive, many newer and less experienced agents are not part of these networks and associations. We use our connections and resources to find full-time professionals who have shown that they care about representing their clients at the highest level.

We look deeper into each agent’s areas of expertise, including comparing the price ranges of homes they specialize in with your price range, and looking for any specializations or niches that the agent(s) focus on that would make them a better fit for you than other agents in the community. We look for content written by or about the agent. We read any reviews and testimonials we can find from past clients. Our Premium Level service includes interviewing agents, as colleagues in the industry, to discern if they are the type of agent that understands client representation and puts their client’s interests first or if they are simply interested in making deals happen for their own benefit.

We seek to recommend agents that have the experience and skills to help your transaction be as smooth as possible, who have your best interest in mind, and who are capable of helping you identify and navigate the potential complications that often arise in a relocation real estate transaction.

What am I paying for?

When you purchase our service, you are paying for our time to research and find the best agents in a specific area. Unlike other "Find An Agent" services, RepRelocation doesn't sell your information to agents who have pre-paid for "leads". We are fully independent and we look for the best agent(s) for you, every time. All of our service levels include researching agents in the area you are moving from or to, and looking for agents that meet the highest standards and who have invested in professional development and client representation at a level far above most agents. With other services you might be matched with any agent paying for leads. In most cases, before doing any additional research, we START with agents that have qualifications that less than 2.5% of all real estate agents have.

Why does your service cost money?

We want to help as many relocating buyers and sellers as we can. We charge you a small up-front fee in exchange for the time we will invest doing research and investigation for you. We don't have pre-existing agreements with agents or obligations to recommend any specific agents to buyers and sellers like other agent finding services. Agents cannot pay us to get "on our list" or "in our database." We do the research and find the best agents every time, without the conflict of interest or incentive to promote any specific agents. While you are under no obligation to hire any agents we recommend, if you do, agents may pay us a referral fee, which is customary in the industry. These referral fees allow us to offer the service at a lower up-front cost to you.

The cost of our service is also temporarily lower as we roll out the service nationwide, so take advantage of our low pricing by purchasing the service today! USE PROMO CODE: JUNE2023 to save an additional 80% off the cost of our service for a limited time ONLY!

Why does it take 2-4 days to introduce us to an agent?

It takes time for us to find and connect with the best agents and do research on your behalf. Even though we have tools and connections that most buyers and sellers (and real estate agents) do not, which allows us to identify the best agents in any city fairly quickly, the real value of RepRelocation is taking things even further to help you find the best of the best.

We ask for as much information about your wants and needs as you are willing to give us. Even at our lowest level of service, we try and find the best agents to meet your needs. Knowing what your needs are helps us find the best agents for you.

We use the information you provide to us as we begin a process of screening and narrowing down agents to eliminate agents whose specialties may be in an area or type of property that isn’t what you need. The research is not automated. We have a live person that goes through our research and screening process, every time.

Our highest level of service includes interviewing agents to make sure they provide high-level representation and have their client's best interests in mind. We try to evaluate whether the agent will be able to meet your needs and we eliminate any agents that might not be a good fit. For example, if an agent has too many clients to serve you properly, or has other commitments during your relocation window, they may not be a good fit, regardless of their qualifications. Relocating clients also often require a higher level of communication and coordinating of schedules than a local client would so we are looking for responsiveness and flexibility in agents as well.

It takes time to identify and screen agents, and more time to coordinate interviews with them. If we can get through the process quicker, we may be able to make a recommendation sooner, but we initially ask for enough time for us to find and research the best options for you, without rushing through the process.

What if I need help sooner than 3 days?

If you really need to connect with an agent sooner than 3 days, just let us know in the “Additional Information” section of our Initial Survey and we will do whatever we can to expedite the process.

Can you really find me the best agent?

We have a proven system for finding the best agents anywhere in the country. We start with agents who have years of experience and who have education and certifications beyond the level of the average real estate agent. We then take the information you provide us and we look even closer at the agents in the geographic locations you need help in, so we can introduce you to agents that best match your needs.

If there are any specific things we don’t ask about that you want us to consider while looking for an agent, please include details in the “Additional Information” section of our Initial Survey that you will receive a link to when you purchase our service. The more details you can provide regarding your needs, the better we will be at finding the best available agent for you.

When should I start looking for an agent?

If you know you will be relocating, it’s best to identify the agent(s) who will help you as soon as possible. They can answer a lot of your questions and help you develop a plan to make your move as smooth as possible.

Market conditions vary, and the local agents we recommend can give you a better understanding of how long it will take to sell your home, or to find a suitable home in your new area.

Keeping in mind that the best answer to the question is still, "as soon as possible," if you have a home you will need to sell, a good rule of thumb is to find an agent no less than 3 months in advance, whenever possible. The same applies if you are looking to buy in a new area. Ideally, you will be able to make a couple house hunting trips before you make your move, especially if you are unfamiliar with the new location, and if not, even more importance should be placed on finding an amazing agent who can best help you have a successful relocation.

If your relocation is happening within 60 days and you need help finding an experienced agent you can trust as soon as possible, just let us know. We will look for a high-level agent who can accommodate your expedited timeline.

Why RepRelocation?

Our parent brokerage, Homebuyer Representation, Inc., has focused for over 20 years on providing the highest level of buyer-client representation possible. We continually invest in education and professional development that allows us to better protect our clients' best interests, help them have the best outcome, and really enjoy the exciting real estate experience. We have a lot of clients helping clients relocate to our area, and we are always looking for ways to make things better for many of them when they eventually move again.

RepRelocation is a mash-up of the words Representation and Relocation. We call the service RepRelocation because it reminds us that the better the agent is that we find to represent the buyer or seller, the better their relocation will be. Our clients want an agent to represent and help them, with their best interest in mind, not just an agent who "does deals." They come to us for help finding representation-minded agents in new areas when it's time for them to relocate.

The system we have developed consistently finds the best agents in nearly any city or town, nationwide. There is no other system designed specifically with best interest of the person relocating in mind, and it delivers far superior results than any other service. It is hands-down the best system to find the most qualified and experienced agents for relocating buyers and sellers. And the only system that goes even further to find the BEST agent possible for each person's specific needs.

According to the National Association of Realtors, over 70% of people work with the first real estate agent they talk to. Click Here NOW to let us help you make sure that the first agent you talk to is one of the best!

What questions should I ask an agent before deciding to hire them?

No agent wants to answer 100 questions before you meet, but you do want to make sure you ask whatever questions are important to you to make sure: a) you and the agent get along well, b) your schedules are compatible, and c) you can see them as someone with the knowledge, experience, and abilities to help you accomplish your relocation goals.

When you purchase any of our services, and upon completion of the Initial Survey (where you tell us what we need to know to get started researching agents), we will send you a link to an additional bonus workbook: “100+ Questions You Could Ask a Real Estate Agent." This workbook contains questions you could ask before hiring an agent, and also a ton of questions you might want to ask your agent(s) during your relocation. We encourage users of our service to read through it and mark any really important questions so they are prepared when they interview agents.

Who is this service for?

Buyers and sellers who:

don't have a good agent in the area they are moving from or to.

can't afford to mess around with discount, part time, or DIY options.

see the value of a great real estate professional.

have had less than stellar experiences with real estate agents in the past

Companies that want their relocating employees to have a good experience selling their existing home and buying a home in the new location.

Businesses can either purchase the service for each relocating employee, or offer to reimburse relocating employees for our services to help them have a better relocation experience tailored to their wants and needs.

Most people work with the first real estate agent they talk to. Click Here NOW to let us pre-screen and find the best agents in any area, and help you make sure that the first agent you talk to is one of the best!

I have a question I don't see addressed here

If you have any questions that you don’t see addressed here, but you are still ready to get started, just choose your level of service, complete the purchase, and include any questions you have in the “Additional Information” section of our Initial Survey. You can also use the chat function on the site and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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