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How to find the best agents nationwide

How do you find the agents you recommend?

March 28, 20232 min read

The best real estate agents are highly educated, hold various specialty credentials, and are members of real estate councils and in-industry organizations. To join and qualify for continued inclusion in these networks, agents often have to meet experience and production minimums, take advanced courses on client representation and, often, take continuing education classes on specialty topics and pay annual dues to the associations or institutions. The fact that they have to have years of experience and education, and that dues for some of the designations or memberships can be expensive, newer agents and agents who don’t do a lot of business usually aren’t part of these networks and associations. We use these resources to find full-time professionals who invest in truly representing their clients at the highest levels.

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We look deeper into each agent’s areas of expertise, including comparing the price ranges of homes they specialize in with your price range, and looking for any specializations or niches that the agent(s) focus on that would make them a better fit for you than other agents in the community. We look for content written by or about the agent. We read any reviews and testimonials we can find from past clients. Our Premium Level service includes interviewing agents, as colleagues in the industry, to discern if they are the type of agent that understands client representation and puts their client’s interests first or if they are simply interested in making deals happen for their own benefit.

We seek to recommend agents that have the experience and skills to help your transaction be as smooth as possible, who have your best interest in mind, and who are capable of helping you identify and navigate the potential complications that often arise in a relocation real estate transaction.

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RepRelocation makes finding the best experienced, knowledgeable real estate agents easy. Just tell us your needs and we will find, research, and screen the best real estate agents for you. Work with a better agent and have a better experience.

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