Relocation Across the Country

We found out we were being relocated for work in March 2022. Because the market was super strong at that time I had considered doing a sale by owner to eliminate seller fees.

My wife recommended we contact RepRelocation again before making any decisions. After explaining the possible complications that could arise in a relocation with a sale in one state and a purchase in another, RepRelocation laid out several reasons we might want to use a professional agents for both transactions. We took their advice and they could not have been more right!

RepRelocation did their thing and provided us with the name of someone that could meet our needs in Utah, and also made a recommendation for a buyers agent in Maryland, our new destination. We were thrilled to get a recommendation of someone experienced that we knew we could trust in an area where we didn't have any connections.

Our Maryland agent helped us find an amazing home that we put under contract before selling our Utah home. We were not concerned at the time, as the market was booming. That same week, however, interest rates shot up and the stock and cryptocurrency markets fell drastically.

We were very lucky as the listing agent recommended by RepRelocation adjusted our timeline and aggressively marketed our home. We were in a stressful situation with a compressed timeline but both agents RepRelocation recommended were superstars. Their knowledge, experience and negotiation skills held things together when things got a little crazy and much was at stake in both transactions.

It is now June and we have closed on both homes. We got the offer we wanted and needed in Utah and found a great place to move to in Maryland. RepRelocation made all of this possible. Their advice and recommendations put us on the right path and got us the outcomes we wanted. Their knowledge and network have helped my family on two moves now and I am thankful. I have never encountered anyone else in real estate that goes so far out of their way to truly help.

- James B.

"I think I hit pay dirt

I spent quite some time on the internet looking for agents before I found RepRelocation, and wasn’t able to get the information I was looking for. I just talked with the agent they recommended.

I think I hit pay dirt.

- Karen K.

Lorrie has used our service multiple times for both buying and selling when relocating to new states

In 2010 I was on active duty in the Army & about to deploy. I was fortunate to find Homebuyer Representation to help me purchase my first investment property. Since then I have used their RepRelocation service for referrals for both buying and selling agents in Utah, Idaho & California. They have always quickly found the BEST agents to fit my needs. Due to their excellent referrals, I have confidently worked with agents for buying and selling for over a decade. They've never steered me wrong. RepRelocation is my first call whenever I need to buy or sell property in any location. They have consistently guided me to the best agents and I recommend the RepRelocation service to anyone looking for a great agent anywhere.

- Lorrie H.

Wanted Parents to Have A Better Experience When Relocating

Ten years ago we relocated for work and didn't know anyone in the state. We found our real estate agent through a church connection and that agent was pretty good. However, just a couple years later when my parents decided to move to be closer to us, we knew they needed someone more experienced who could introduce them to the area and guide them through the process.

We had since heard about the RepRelocation service and I liked that they would research agents' strengths and specialties with my parent's needs in mind. And my parents would end up with an experienced agent and not just a friend of a friend that happened to have a real estate license. We wanted to make sure our parents had the best experience possible. So we contacted RepRelocation and asked them to help us find an agent that would be a good fit.

The agent they introduced us to was a perfect fit and my parents had an amazing experience. The agent RepRelocation recommended was not a high-pressure sales-type person by any means. While being very professional, my parents said they enjoyed their communications and they always felt the agent's sincerity and honesty. The agent also had a good sense of humor and made them feel welcome and excited to be moving to the state. The whole experience was enjoyable. My parents stayed with us and looked at homes with the agent for several weeks until they found "the one." Their agent led them through the purchase process with ease and confidence and, within a month, they had closed the deal. My parents said she was such a breath of fresh air, completely different from the more intense agents they had had in the past.

We highly recommend the RepRelocation service to anyone who needs to find an agent when moving to a new area, especially when moving to an area where they literally know nobody.

- Jamie S.

Our identification and research processes consistently find high level, knowledgeable, experienced agents in almost any city or town nationwide. It is hands-down the best way to find the highest qualified and experienced agents in an area.

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